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Hard seltzer

Introducing a new Hard Seltzer, made right here in Kamloops!

Created by Shannon, Logan and the team, our new Hard Seltzers are certain to add sparkle to your spring and summertime without breaking the bank or messing with your macros. Coming in at just below 6%, our Seltzers finish at less than 1% residual sugar. Delicious, clean, and sparkling.

Save so much money in comparison to buying them from the store - and of course, they are backed by our 100% guarantee.

Ready in 2 weeks | 23L | 65 Cans*


BA Watermelon Hard Seltzer BA Brewmaster


Raspberry Hard Seltzer BA


Peach Seltzer BA Brewmaster



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BA Hard Seltzer Lime

Pink Grapefruit

BA Hard Seltzer Pink Grapefruit

BA Hard Seltzers can be bottled into cans, glass bottles or plastic bottles.

Call or email us for prices!

How to Make Your Seltzer

Step 1 - Choose Your Seltzer

Choose your Seltzer flavour! Each batch makes for 65 cans of seltzer.

Step 2 - Pitch the Yeast

Come into store to pay for your seltzer and pitch the yeast. Although only taking a few seconds, this is the most important step in making your seltzer with us and is a legal requirement. Sprinkling the yeast is what starts the process, so enjoy the moment! 

Step 3 - Let Us Do The Work

Your seltzer will be ready in 2 weeks. During this time, you can sit back and relax while we do the rest.

Step 4 - Call to Make an Appointment to Bottle

When you are ready, and the "due date" for you seltzer is coming up or already past, simply call us to make an appointment to bottle. We need minimum two days notice!

If you intend to use cans we will provide these on the day. If you would like to use bottles you can use any that you have already, simply rinse them out after drinking and bring them with you on the bottling day. If you do not have any bottles at home, you are welcome to buy bottles from us on the day.

Step 5 - Can or Bottle your Seltzer

On your appointment day, come in to can or bottle your seltzer! If it is your first time, or if you need a refresher, our friendly team will lead you through the entire process.

It is best practice to sanitize your bottles prior to bottling If you do not have a method of doing this at home, we have manual hand pump sanitizers that are free to use (takes around 10 minutes), or a sanitizing machine that automatically sanitizes your bottles in 2 minutes. If you are using cans, you need to do no work!

Bottling itself is a very easy process, whether you bottle into plastic bottles, glass bottles or cans. The whole process takes approximately 45 mins per batch!

Step 5 - Store Your Seltzer

After bottling, take your seltzer straight home to store until you are ready to enjoy it!

The seltzer made at BA Brewmaster has less preservatives than commercial equivalents, which has many advantages for the consumer, but means that your cider needs to be stored in a cool dark place. The ideal temperature is between 7°C-13°C (45°F-55°F), however cool garages and basements will be okay so long as they do not reach above 20°C (68°F).

The seltzers can be enjoyed straight away and do not require aging!

Step 6 - Enjoy!

The easiest step of all - enjoy!!! 

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This means that if you try your seltzer and it simply does not suit your taste, all you need to do is let us know and return your full bottles or cans. We will add a credit to your account and you can make another batch to find something that suits your taste. If still, you are unhappy, we will refund you entirely. This is how sure we are that you will enjoy our seltzers.

For more information on our Guarantee, please click here.

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