The Perfect Summer Beer

As the weather heats up so does the search for the perfect summer beer .  With dozens of recipes your perfect summer beer is waiting for you at BA Brewmaster but with so many choices it can be difficult to make a decision.  To make life little easier for you we have put one of our best summer beers on sale.  From now until August 12, 2017 BA’s Grapefruit Citra Ale is $15.00 off a full batch and $9.00 off a half batch.   You can take home a 48 litre (roughly 12 dozen) full batch for just $160.00 or $96.00 for for a 24 litre (roughly 6 dozen) half  batch of this wonderfully refreshing beer with citrus highlights.  Please note that BA’s prices always include the appropriate taxes unlike the advertised prices at your local liquour store.  Compare this to $13.00 or more for just a 6 pack of a commercial grapefruit ale.  If you prefer your beer in easy to chill cans the added cost is only $30.00 for a full batch and $15.00 for a half batch.

BA Brewmaster is Your Own Personal Craft Brewer where you can make premium craft style brews at a fraction of the cost of commercial products.  Not only that, as each batch is made just for you there is no problem customizing your beer so that you end up with a beer that is personalized for your specific taste.  A custom brewed craft style beer that you can call your own and costs a lot less?  Now that’s what we call the Perfect Summer Beer!  Only at BA Brewmaster.  Call or visit now and let’s make one for you.