Sparkling Island Mists

 Sometimes the thirst created by the heat of the summer can only be quenched with something light, sparkling and fruity.  That perfectly describes Island Mist wines.  Island Mist is a delicious alternative to everyday wines and coolers.  Combining the crisp freshness of distinctive varietal wines with full fruit flavours makes a fun, refreshing wine based beverage to be enjoyed anytime.   Until the end of July all Island Mists are $10.00 off for 1 or $15.00 off for 2 or more.  Get refreshed and save money too.  To see the complete Island Mist lineup just click on the link below.

 As good as they are on their own Island Mists are also very versatile.  A very popular modification to them is to have BA carbonate them for you.  Carbonation dries out the wine a little bit so the the sweetness is reduced and and the fruit flavours become a bit more pronounced.  Usually a $20.00 surcharge it is only $15.00 until the end of July.  Unfortunately we can only carbonate at our main store in Sahali but it is well worth the drive up the hill.  Please note that carbonated wines cannot be bottled in regular wine bottles but you can use champagne bottles, beer bottles, cans or even glass or plastic pop bottles.  Remember the slushy headache from when you were a kid?  Recreate that feeling by putting some Island Mist in an empty ice cream bucket and then put it in the freezer.  Once it is ready scoop it out, add something to sparkle it up like club soda or even sparking water and relive your youth.  You can always toss some into a blender and throw in some more fruit and create an adult only smoothie perfect for summer.

Island Mist.  A perfect complement to summer chillin’!