BA Brewmaster was established in 1993 Kevin and Jeff Rex.  While not the first “U-Brew” in Kamloops it was the largest and soon became known as the best due to its unrivalled facilities, products and especially the friendly and knowledgeable staff. Located on Cariboo Place next to the Toyota dealership just below Aberdeen Mall it is now Kamloops longest established facility and has an unsurpassed reputation.  Continued investment in equipment, facilities and training ensures that BA will remain at the forefront of the Ferment-on-Premise industry not only in Kamloops but BC as well.

We have been helping our customers make wine from wine kits supplied by Winexpert (formerly Brew King) since our opening.  One out five bottles of wine consumed in Canada each year is consumer made and when you experience the quality of wines you make with us it is easy to see why.  To produce a quality wine you need to start with a quality kit and the kits from Winexpert are the best.  Over the years we have sampled wine kits from all of the major manufacturers and have yet to find one that offers the consistent, high quality of Winexpert kits.  Winexpert is the world’s largest manufacturer of consumer winemaking products.  Automated bottle washers, simple to use filling systems and automatic corking machines make the bottling process as straightforward as possible.

BA Brewmaster is the only facility in Kamloops offering traditional copper kettle brewing from bulk ingredients not kits.  Since our inception our high quality brewing extracts have been supplied by United Canadian Malt, Canada’s largest manufacturer.  Two temperature controlled rooms ensure that your beer ferments and ages at the optimum temperature.  Micro-brewery quality filtration and force carbonation create a crystal clear, sparkling product.  You can package your beer in cans, glass or plastic bottles with our semi-automated, counter-pressure bottle fillers, even kegs for those that have a home draft system.  If your experience with consumer made beer has been less than satisfying we invite you to taste the difference quality and experience make.

In 2006 we launched BA Winexpert in Valleyview to better serve wine makers in the east end and north shore areas of town.  The name emphasizes our close association with Winexpert and that currently this location deals with wine making only.  Not only is BA Winexpert set up so that making and bottling your wine is as easy as possible it also carries a good selection of supplies for the home winemaker.